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The first days were wonderfull

Updated: May 6, 2022

What a warm farewell this was. Many friends and family were present to wave us off and also Rundje um ut Hundje course reconnaissance came to wave us off. We were astonished by all of this.

The first day we drove to Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. The second day we made a lot of kilometers and with a total of 600 km we were ready when we landed in Edolo in northern Italy. Meanwhile, we drove through the countries of Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy!

In Switzerland a number of passes above 2000 m were already open and we took advantage of this to drive the Albula pass, Bernina pass and Aprica pass. These were all above 2300 m.

From Ebola we drove away with beautiful weather. Until noon we had flat roads, but after noon we had lovely winding roads through the Tuscan hills. Not always top tarmac, but what beautiful curves to drive. Coincidentally end of the day ended at Mugello, where on this day the customers who have bought an F1 car, may test it. Still a nice sound. In the evening we had a nice dinner in the restaurant where many famous racing heroes have been to see the pictures on the wall.

While dining, we got talking to Enrico Galli. He himself is from Ancona, but has been living near Mugello for some time for his work as a consultant for cash register systems. Let him inspect the route from Mugello to Ancona, it was approved, it was the beautiful roue according to Enrico.

On day 4 we started riding that beautiful route to Ancona. Which offered many beautiful and flowing curves. It really is top notch riding in Tuscany! This area is big enough for a week of motorcycling on these beautiful roads. Arrived in Ancona in time to eat something in town, buy some water and just to be sure we bought some mouthguards. Meanwhile, our local friends could look after the bikes.

We joined the queue for the boat on time and then waited until we could board. In the meantime, all our gear has survived the first stage of almost 2000 km and we don't seem to have forgotten anything. The bikes don't give a damn and in the winding roads we can occasionally play with an Italian sports bike. It must be disappointing for him to see those old Ténéré bikes with only 47 hp in his mirrors all the time. :-)

Along the way we bought a powerbank, because the headsets won't last a whole day (from 8:00 to 18:00) on the battery. So we can recharge them on the way.

Meanwhile, we are sailing past Albania and will soon experience the Greek roads for the next part of the trip.


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