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Preparing the motorcycles for the trip

To be as sure as possible that the bikes can handle the 20,000 km trip without major problems, they are checked and serviced one more time. Both bikes have ridden about 40,000 km, so they are still relatively young and perfectly capable of making the journey.

Together with Van de Ven Motoren from Leunen (see Robert together with Rob on the picture) we discussed what we are going to do to the bikes and which spare parts we will take with us.

Of course, the essential things that are needed for the next 20,000 km ahead are replaced, think of this:

  • Engine oil and oil filter change

  • Replace clutch plates

  • Replace chain and sprockets

  • Replace brake padsn

  • Valve set

  • Air filter from Martin's bike (was now a nileon sock)

  • Rubber dampers in the rear wheel of Rob's bike (have too much play).

Tires will be changed at a later time, closer to the time of departure. No studded tires, but coarse trail tires equipped with extra sturdy inner tubes.

Furthermore, all bearings will be thoroughly checked and replaced where necessary. Rob thinks the suspension is a bit soft and the option is there to replace the internal springs front and rear with Hyperpro progressive springs.

Handlebar heating will also be installed on Rob's bike, Martin's bike already had this.

We decided together to take the following parts as spares on the trip:

  • Inner tubes front and rear (both 2x)

  • Clutch lever

  • Brake lever

  • Clutch cable

  • Throttle cable

Who knows, Robert van de Ven may come across more during maintenance, at the moment the bikes are still there and he is doing maintenance.


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