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The luggage dilemma: aluminium cases or bags

In our Western way of thinking, we must be able to lock everything up and everything must be solid. So our first thought went out to aluminum cases that you can lock. Sturdy, safe and plenty of space. Just read the travel stories of various adventurers and see what they have to say about it. We also visited the motorcycle fair in 2020 to find out more.

Then it becomes clear how much we are in our Western thoughts. In the countries on the Silk Road outside Europe, theft of goods is not an issue outside the big cities. A lock is therefore not a necessity. In addition, we get to hear some disadvantages of a hard suitcase.

  1. If you hit something, it doesn't bend. So either something breaks or you make a big smash. A bag deforms and can therefore soften the impact.

  2. If you step along on a bad surface (mud, stones,...), you can break your leg or ankle if your foot shoots back and you hit the suitcase with your calves.

At the motorcycle fair we came across a motorcycle with the bags of Mosko Moto ( We saw sturdy bags that don't require a rack. After further research, we think Reckless 80L Revolver bags are the best option for us.


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